Conn speaks and trains on the subjects (and intersection) of creativity, technology and resilience.

His Harder To Kill modules consist of a range of

  • 40 – 75 minute talks
  • 2 – 3 hour Masterclasses
  • 3 – 8 hr workshops
  • 2 to 3 day workshops

Each iteration of training provides fresh purposeful ways for an interactive audience to learn how to better overcome challenging obstacles during stressful chaotic times.

The talks, workshops and masterclasses are built to inspire, engage and empower the audience with simple user-friendly tools and techniques shown to build a more Resilient and Positive Mindset.

Both the Harder the Harder Kill qualities of Resiliency and Positivity are shown to enable humans and brands to become happier, healthier, more productive –  and ultimately, Harder to Kill.

Conn’s work has been dubbed as “A solution for living, healing and thriving in a digitally enabled age, under pressure.”







Overcoming Fear.

  • CocaCola Africa Conference, JHB, South Africa.
      “Conn’s talk hit just the right tone and message for everyone at the conference - we’ve had lots of positive feedback! Thank you Conn.” -  Sharon Keith, Head of Marketing, Coca Cola Africa.
  • International Society of Paediatric Oncology Global Conference, S.Africa
      “Conn was fantastic! Just what the audience needed to hear.” Professor Allan Davidson Red Cross Children’s Hospital / conference host
  • The IF Italians Design Festival, Milan, Italy.
      “Conn as our opening talk, was perfect and set the scene for the next 3 days of challenging creative design thinking.” Sergio Muller, Director, If Italians Festival
  • Cannes Health, Cannes, France.
      “Conn’s address brought the house down.” Abigail Stewart COO Hall & Partners
  • New Media, CPT, South Africa
  • JWT Global Creative Council Conference, Berlin, Germany.
      “This was fantastic, and must be shared. I’m in!” - Lauren Lafranz Chief Creative Content Officer J. Walter Thompson
  • Red Bull Amaphiko
      “Our delegates got a full dose of Dojo Thinking and went away inspired and seriously fired up.” - Ian Calbert MD Red Bull Amaphiko
  • CN&CO
      “Wow, this talk just blew us away. Go Conn!” - Wpp Stream Unconference Talk, Stellenbosch   “Now this is an idea to support.” Craig Corte - Head of Digital Barclays, Africa.