''Becoming Harder To Kill, for both humans and brands, is a skill and strategy that can be learned."

Conn Bertish is extraordinarily hard to kill.

He builds tools and strategies to help others do the same.

He is a multiple internationally awarded Creative Strategist, Cancer Survivor, Keynote Speaker:

And founder of both: Cancer Dojo and The Harder To Kill Group.

His ‘Harder To Kill’ ideology and approach to seemingly impossible challenges has enabled him to beat brain cancer; tackle massive waves as a Red Bull big wave surfer and resign from his job to launch a one-man startup social enterprise, in a recession.

His range of ‘Happy People Are Harder To Kill’ talks explore the intersection of Creativity, Technology and Resilience for a world under stress.

Conn is open to discuss talks, workshops, creative incubators or creative purpose strategy for brands needing direction during these exciting and challenging times.

Speaking Calendar 2019 / 20:

7-10 November 2018: Barcelona

ADCE Festival of Design, Barcelona – Keynote talk on ‘Rewiring the Creative Mind’ and Masterclass on ‘Becoming a Harder To Kill Creative Mind.”


11 December 2018: Helsinki

 Slush Start Up Festival, Finland. Presentation, pitch and meet – Cancer Dojo selected as one of the  Top 10 Global Impact Accelerator start ups.


27 -30 February, 2019: Cape Town – Design Indaba – Masterclass on ‘Design Thinking to Make You Harder To Kill.’ – Cancer Dojo selected as one of  South Africa’s 10 Most Beautiful Objects.


26 March, 2019: London – Google Assembly – Keynote talk on ‘Creativity to Make the world Harder to Kill.’


28 -30 March, 2019, Rome – Pi School – Keynote, Masterclass & 2 day workshop.


3 April, 2019, Rome – Keynote talk on ‘Happy People Are Harder To Kill.


22 -24 May, 2019, Montreal Canada – Keynote and Workshop on ‘Becoming Harder To Kill’.


7 June, 2019, Cape Town, South Africa, Fuel Content – Keynote ‘Creative Resilience’.


14 -15 June, 2019, Rome, Italy Pi School – 2 Day Harder to Kill Training Module.


17 – 18 June, 2019, Cannes France – Google Assembly talk on ‘Creativity For Good’.


3 August, 2019, Ari’s Cancer Foundation – ‘Becoming Harder to Kill’ – for patients and supporters.


23 August, 2019, Cancer Care, Cape Gate – ‘Becoming Harder to Kill’ – for patients


29 August, 2019, Mimecast Cyber Resilience Summit, JHB, SA – ‘Happy People Are Harder to Kill.”


5 – 7 September, 2019, Berlin – ADCE 3rd Creative Module – ‘Living in the Creative Flow.’


12  September, 2019, JHB – Jellyfish Keynote Talk – ‘Happy People Are Harder To Kill.’


27   September, 2019, London – Google UK TechFarm Executive Summit – Keynote talk – ‘The Most Important Talk In The World.’


29 October, 2019, Johannesburg – TBWA Africa Conference – ‘TBC’


6 – 7 November, 2019, Dublin – Design Leaders Conference – ‘Why Happy People Are Harder To Kill.”


26 – 28 March, 2020, Lake Como, Italy  – Global General Council of Law – ‘Happy People are Harder to Kill.’

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Book Conn here – conn@cancerdojo.com

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