''Becoming Harder To Kill, for both humans and brands, is a skill and strategy that can be learned."

Conn Bertish is extraordinarily hard to kill:

He builds tools and strategies to help others do the same.

He is a multiple internationally awarded creative director, cancer survivor and founder of  Cancer Dojo – A mobile app that empowers cancer patients to become active participants in their own healing by merging creativity, technology and medicine.

Conn’s ‘Harder To Kill’ ideology and approach to seemingly impossible challenges has enabled him to beat brain cancer; tackle massive waves as a Red Bull big wave surfer and resign from his job to launch a one-man startup social enterprise, in a recession.

Conn is respected as one of South Africas top creative thinkers having won gold awards at all the major creative and design festivals around the world as well as performing the role of Creative Director of the World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 after beating cancer in 2013.

Conn consults as a Creative and Purpose Strategist for brands, organisations and individuals facing seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Conn’s range of ‘Happy People are Harder to Kill’ talks explore the intersection of creativity, technology and resilience for a world under stress.


7-10 November 2018: Barcelona

ADCE Festival of Design, Barcelona – Keynote talk on ‘Rewiring the Creative Mind’ and Masterclass on ‘Becoming a Harder To Kill Creative Mind.”


11 December 2018: Helsinki

 Slush Start Up Festival, Finland. Presentation, pitch and meet – Cancer Dojo selected as one of the  Top 10 Global Impact Accelerator start ups.


27 -30 February, 2019: Cape Town – Design Indaba – Masterclass on ‘Design Thinking to Make You Harder To Kill.’ – Cancer Dojo selected as one of  South Africa’s 10 Most Beautiful Objects.


26 March, 2019: London – Google Assembly – Keynote talk on ‘Creativity to Make the world Harder to Kill.’


28 -30 March, 2019, Rome – Pi School – Keynote, Masterclass & 2 day workshop.


3 April, 2019, Rome – Keynote talk on ‘Happy People Are Harder To Kill.


22 -24 May, 2019, Montreal Canada – Keynote and Workshop on ‘Becoming Harder To Kill’.


7 June, 2019, Cape Town, South Africa, Fuel Content – Keynote ‘Creative Resilience’.


14 -15 June, 2019, Rome, Italy Pi School – 2 Day Harder to Kill Training Module.


17 – 18 June, 2019, Cannes France – Google Assembly talk on ‘Creativity For Good’.


3 August, 2019, Ari’s Cancer Foundation – ‘Becoming Harder to Kill’ – for patients and supporters.


23 August, 2019, Cancer Care, Cape Gate – ‘Becoming Harder to Kill’ – for patients


29 August, 2019, Mimecast Cyber Resilience Summit, JHB, SA – ‘Happy People Are Harder to Kill.”


5 – 7 September, 2019, Berlin – ADCE 3rd Creative Module – ‘Living in the Creative Flow.’


12  September, 2019, JHB – Jellyfish Keynote Talk – ‘Happy People Are Harder To Kill.’


27   September, 2019, London – Google UK TechFarm Executive Summit – Keynote talk – ‘The Most Important Talk In The World.’


6 – 7 November, 2019, Dublin – Design Leaders Conference – ‘Why Happy People Are Harder To Kill.”


26 – 28 March, 2020, Lake Como, Italy  – Global General Council of Law – ‘Happy People are Harder to Kill.’

Cancer Dojo App - One of South Africa's 10 Most Beautiful Objects video


Book Conn here – conn@cancerdojo.com

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